Acid Washing

Acid WashingBrushing the surface with soapy water is the safest bet when cleaning a paved surface whether it is your driveway or patio. But there are instances when the surface is just too bad that not even the most untiring arms can brush the mess away. In such cases, professional acid washing is a must.

Only competent professionals should perform this cleaning method to achieve positive result. Washing brick pavers with acid or acid-based products can do more harm than good if not properly applied. Acid reacts to the chemical components of pavers. The reaction varies depending on what type of paver it is. But, most likely, it will create a stain that is almost impossible to remove.

Remember, acid washing is not for amateur or avid DIYer. It is a delicate job that requires knowledge, skills, and training. To avoid problems, never hire someone who is not knowledgeable and experienced in the process. It's costlier to replace or repair badly damaged surface than to pay an expert to do the job right the first time.

What is Acid Washing?

Acid basically eats away the top surface of an area, leaving it in more pristine condition. In fact, concrete paver manufacturers use acid to make the grey surface look flawless, resembling ivory and pearl. That's how powerful acid can be. It can work to your cleaning advantage as long as you know how to use it properly.

Acid washing is advisable in cases when other method cannot clean the surface. Heinous mortar stains can be removed with acid. This method should be done only a few times in the paver's lifetime. Some experts even recommend doing this once since too frequent contact with acid will deteriorate the quality of the material.

Acid Washing

Ensuring Positive Results

The best thing about acid washing is that it can potentially leave the surface looking like brand new. But there are precautions necessary to ensure that your paver surface will get cleaned up, instead of leaving it messier than before.

At The Paverman, our men are knowledgeable, trained, and experienced to render a mess-free washing service. They know the solution to use for what type of stain and paver. For instance, we take extra caution when dealing with Indian sandstones, marble, travertine, and limestones as these change color if exposed to high amount of acid.

Clay pavers, slates, basalts, quartzite, and granites are typically unaffected by acid. But we don't leave anything to chances. Our team always tests the solution before pouring it over the entire surface.

Our Acid Washing Method

We have been working with pavers for years, making us not just professionals but experts in this area. Our team may use different strengths, solutions, and methods when washing pavers. But our goal remains just the same: to leave your paved surface dirt free, stain free, and looking like brand new.

So don't leave your paving needs to any company out there. Only trust experts like us. We have already delivered superior clean-up service with acid washing to countless of paved surfaces in Orlando, Winter Park, Oviedo, Windermere, Winter Springs, Kissimmee, and other parts of Florida.